Anti-ß-Lactoglobulin IgG antibodies are considered the most specific markers for the diagnosis of Cow’s Milk Protein Intolerance (CMPI). CMPI appears during neonatal period when switching from mother’s breast feeding to cow’s milk diet. The symptoms affect the gastrointestinal tract as well as the skin, the respiratory tract and may have unsuspected physiological consequences too, such as severe insomnia or hyper-agitation. Endoscopy and biopsy examination demonstrate typical intestinal mucosa alteration.

Milk Intolerance is an IgG mediated immunological process with longterm pathological consequences on the structure of the intestinal mucosa. It has to be distinguished from Milk Allergy which is an IgE mediated, short-term hypersensitivity reaction without intestinal involvement.


Antigen used by D-tek

Purified from Cow’s milk (for more information on our antigens click here)