Besides diagnostic activities, D-tek has accumulated experience over the years and proposes some of its intermediate manufacturing products. These products can be used for diagnostic kit production and/or Research & Development purposes.

You can download the list of D-tek's reagents by clicking here.

Notably, liquid substrates and stabilizers are essential solutions that are widely used in today’s IVD industry and research laboratories. They allow to prepare ready-to-use sta­ble reagents that retain their initial activity upon storage, ensuring convenience of use and reproduci­bility over extended periods of time.


Liquid Substrates

Horseradish peroxidase and Alkaline phosphatase are the most widely used enzymes to yield colorimetric results in EIA tests. Whatever the enzyme used and the end-product needed (soluble or insoluble), D-tek has the right reagent for your specific application.


In the diagnostic field, the key of success lies without any doubt in the ability to preserve the biological product from the effect of time and to keep its diagnostic potentiality intact either in solution or coated on a support.

D-tek’s long and valuable experience in the autoimmune diagnostic field has led to the deve­lopment of an efficient range of stabilizers :

-          Antibody Stabilizing matrix

-          AP-Conjugate stabilizer

-          HRP-Conjugate stabilizers

-          Dotting solutions

-          Plate stabilizing solution


Diluents and Wash buffers

D-tek also proposes stable Sample Diluents and Wash Buffers for Microwell or Membrane application. These products are particularly well adapted to reduce background and increase the sensibility of enzyme immunoassays.


Membrane devices

D-tek is able to propose ready-to-use, preblocked and printed strips. These membranes are the ideal support for enzyme immunoassays. Their configuration allows notably an easy and reproductive spotting.