D-tek is collaborating with other private companies, research centers and universities. The collaborations can be established based on supply of reagents and on technical collaborations.



D-tek proposes a complete range of diagnostic reagents. For more information about D-tek's reagents please click here.



D-tek has a long and valuable experience in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic kits. D-tek can perform or assist any potential partner in all the development and production phases of a detection test.

Additionally, D-tek can propose an integrated technological platform. Indeed, D-tek can take in charge all the steps from manufacturing of testing supports up to automation of the detection tests. Different patents protect the know-how of D-tek and assure to potential partners some unique, valuable and competitive features.

Finally, D-tek is certified ISO 13485 and all current D-tek kits are CE IVD marked. So potential partners can rely on the quality orientated approach offered by D-tek.

If you have any project, do not hesitate to contact us.