sp100 is 100kD protein of the nuclear body and anti-sp100 antibodies are highly specific of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC).

The main diagnostic marker for PBC is Anti-Mitochondrial antibodies (AMA). However, 5 to 10 % of PBC patients do not present AMA. Some of these patients present PBC specific antinuclear antibodies such as antibodies to nuclear dots (sp100), antibodies to nuclear membrane (gp210) and antibodies to centromeres

Anti-sp100 have also been described in some rare cases of rheumatoid arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), Systemic Sclerosis and Sjögren’s syndrome.


Antigen used by D-tek

Recombinant, human, expressed in Baculovirus-infected Sf9 cells (for more information on our antigens click here)